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Marketing Materials Request for an Organization


Use this form to request customized marketing materials for an Organization. (schools, businesses, sports groups, etc.) 

*If you have not yet filled out a Org Info & Sales Deck Request Form, please go and submit

that form before completing this one. 

This is for any design requests, other than the Sales Deck. After the organization has signed a contract, we will design their final customized cards, flyers, posters, web page, etc. You will have a chance to review the designs, and have them approved by yourself and the Organization.

Marketing Materials Request Form

*Here's a link if you have not yet completed this step: Org Info & Sales Deck Request Form




What design materials do you need?

 Printed Starter Pack and/or Digital Files (Printer and Screen Ready)

  • CharityRx will provide Digital Files & Custom Design for free.

  • If you want a bundled Starter Pack for the Organization, you will select the size/quantity below, based on the individual needs of the Organization

  • CharityRx will provide a $100 credit toward Starter Pack printing costs. (see price breakdown below).

Review and choose an option below for the Rx Card Design:

Option 1:

Organization's brand with "Powered by CharityRx"  

The card will be branded with the org's logo and colors with the words "Powered by" and the CharityRx logo. 

Option 1.jpg

Option 2:

Organization's brand 100%,

no CharityRx

The card will be branded with ONLY
the org
's colors and logo with no reference to CharityRx.

Option 2.png

Option 3:

CharityRx brand, but with their unique code/s

The card will be the standard CharityRx card (purple with little girl), but with the org's unique group code/s.

Option 3 Straight.jpg
Rx Cards - Digital and/or Printed? (you can select both options)
Starter Pack - Digital and/or Printed? (you can select both options)
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