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Access to Yearly Mission Trip

Incentivize team members the chance to participate in a life-changing Mission Trip, planned by The CRx Group.

Embark on an unforgettable journey with our Annual Mission Trips, designed to inspire and incentivize your team towards remarkable growth. Define your own qualification criteria and witness your team's exponential success as they strive to earn a coveted spot on these exclusive adventures.

As a client, you'll be relieved of the burdensome task of planning the Mission Trip. The CRx Group handles all the details, from destination selection to accommodations, service projects, cost estimates, event scheduling, and promotional materials.

These transformative trips take place in diverse global locations, allowing participants to immerse themselves in new cultures while making a difference. Throughout the event, attendees engage in meaningful charity work, forge lifelong friendships, and gain invaluable insights from industry leaders, fostering a deeper commitment to your business.

In past Mission Trips, participants joined forces to complete impactful projects such as feeding homeless individuals, constructing libraries and sports facilities for orphanages, stocking boutiques and pantries for underserved youth, and donating school supplies to disadvantaged schools nationwide.

Offer your top-performing team members the chance to participate in these life-changing experiences, where growth, camaraderie, and altruism converge.

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