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Advanced Mapping Software

Sean Michaels

Mar 22, 2023

Custom software built for optimizing driving routes within specific areas, utilizing cutting-edge AI technology to map the most efficient path for visiting pharmacy accounts.

As a client, you’ll explore our exclusive cutting-edge mapping software, seamlessly integrated into the Salesforce Platform, complete with a comprehensive database of nationwide pharmacy accounts at your fingertips. Customize routes based on location, time constraints, or the number of pharmacies you need to visit. Our software generates detailed map guides, empowering your sales visits with unprecedented efficiency. Leverage built-in note-taking features for each account, aiding your sales team in recalling vital information from their visits and interactions with technicians. Plus, unlock advanced capabilities like mapping accounts based on specific criteria, such as 'accounts not visited on Wednesdays in the last 60 days,' elevating your sales strategy to new heights.

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