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Monthly Marketing Flyers

Kim Jennings

Mar 20, 2023

Professionally designed marketing flyers with monthly campaign information and drug price lists, ready to customize and print.

Our dedicated marketing and design team, create over 30 ready-to-print flyers each month to fulfill all your marketing needs. Accessible 24/7 at no charge, these flyers are available for download from our exclusive store.

Each flyer is designed with the latest Charity of the Month campaign and features the curated monthly Rx pricing list. Continuously offering new and fresh content to your agents will ensure a confident marketing effort, with new topics to present in every sales pitch.

Additional generic flyers with a Humane Society-theme are also available and updated monthly for clients who do not wish to participate in the current Charity of the Month campaign.

Monthly flyers are created for each of our pricing structures and are matched to be used with all of our code combinations.

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