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Best CharityRx Ice Breakers

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

When first interacting with technicians or pharmacists, your approach will change depending on the situation, but it’s always good to have a few different ways to break the ice. Since we all work our territories alone, most reps never have the opportunity to hear how other reps converse, except when a trainer visits you. Below are some of the best ice-breakers, compiled by many of the top reps in our company.

  • “Hello! I just want to say, ‘Thank you for all you do every day, helping others!’”

  • “Hi, Sunshine!”

  • “Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for continuing to use our card to help your patients. I know corporate is tough on you, so I really appreciate you going out of your way, not just for your patients but also to help our charities.”

  • “I’m here to brighten your day. I brought chocolate–and pens!”

  • “I brought you some sugar love–and pens–as a thank you for all your hard work!”

  • When the tech asks, “How can I help you?” respond with “I’m here to help YOU!”

  • “I just came here to thank you real fast!”

  • “Hey (name), I just wanted to stop by and thank you. I brought you another card and some more pens. I know how they always walk off, so you always need more.”

  • If it’s swamped, say, “It’s too bad you’re not very busy today!” This usually elicits a laugh. Then let them know you’ll be super quick with the info and thank them for their time.

  • If they are in the zone of working and ask your last name, say, “Oh, I’m not here to make you work. I’m here to make your job easier!”

  • If you notice they were very helpful and friendly to the patient(s) in front of you, say, “Wow! You are so good with your customers. I can tell that you really love helping people. I brought you some awesome tools to help you do just that!”

  • If you know them, and they know you, say, “Hi! Have you missed me?”

  • After dealing with challenging patient(s), let them know you are not a challenge. “Good morning (name)! I promise you, I’m an easy one. Super easy! I’m (name) with CharityRx, the discount card you use here. I’m just making sure you don’t run out of pens, and I brought some snacks to make your day a little easier.”

  • If you notice the tech has just had an angry patient, say with a big smile, “How would you like to get yelled at less throughout the day?” Then, go into our fixed pricing.

  • If a patient was rude, say, “I know you probably don’t want to help anyone else after that encounter, and that’s okay; you can just focus on helping our charities.”

  • Start by complimenting something about them (hair, attire, nails, etc.). Say their name if they are wearing a name badge. If not, ask it after introducing yourself. Then ask, “Do you like to help people?” It’s one way to guarantee you will always get a “yes.”

  • If they recognize that we are the card that discounts pet meds, say, “We do much more than pet meds! Let me explain.”

  • Sometimes, the straightforward approach is best. “Hi! I’m (name) with CharityRx. I’m here to bring you some new materials this month, and thank you for using our card. I promise to be brief.”

  • If you don’t recognize the person, ask, “Are you familiar with our card?” or “Are you familiar with the purple card?”

  • If you overhear a patient complaining about the price, tell the tech, “If you use us, you won’t have to deal with that,” when it’s your turn at the counter.

  • When the tech asks, “How can I help you?” respond with, “Thank you for asking, but I’m actually here to help make your day a little easier by saving you a bunch of time, helping you help your patients consistently save more money on their meds, and together we can save a life all at the same time! Does that sound good to you?”

  • “Hi! Do you use discount cards?” Most will say yes. “Thank you for helping people better afford their medications. Did you know that with the CharityRx card, you don’t have to worry about our price changing like other cards, so we help you have fewer angry customers because the price doesn’t change monthly?”

  • If multiple card reps have already visited them, say, “Well, we’ve saved the best for last!”

  • If you get an immediate rejection, say somberly, “We’re just trying to help people.” It’s actually worked!

Remember, your first goal is to get a smile. If you come across someone difficult, remember not to take that personally. Pharmacy jobs are very stressful, and they are always busy. If you see they have a line inside and outside, tell them, “I know you are extremely busy, so I’ll be super quick, but I did bring a little sugar to help keep your energy up.” Then, be sure you quickly go over only the main points you want them to know that month, one of which should always be our ONE time-saving code.

Always be personable and playful with them, just as they play with you. Consider how you would handle a card rep if you were in their position.

Your last goal is to always leave them with a smile, or at the very least if the conversation didn’t go your way, as it sometimes will, let a smile be the last thing they see from you.

Top reps practice what they want to say and how to say it. You never want to sound mechanical, but if you actively listen to what your pharmacy technicians and pharmacists are saying to you and know how you will respond in each situation, the conversation will sound more natural even though you’ve rehearsed it in your mind hundreds of times. It might even help to write things down and keep a log of your best pick-up lines.

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Membro desconhecido
25 de nov. de 2023

This is fantastic! Thank you marketing team for creating a private space for only reps, where they can use "insider" info to strengthen their skills.

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