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Download & Print Your Humane Society Flyers

Welcome to the CharityRx Team!

We are excited to get to know you and want you to know that we are here to help you as you become familiar with the ins and outs of managing your new business with CharityRx!

You'll need to print your Humane Society flyers for this month. You can access pricing flyers and other marketing materials for CharityRx by signing into your CharityRx RepHub account. To access and print your Humane Society flyers, follow these steps:

RepHub Logo

  1. ACCESS FLYERS Click here to go directly to the Humane Society flyers. You will be asked to log into your RepHub account.

  2. DOWNLOAD Find the current month's flyer PDF, click the three-dotted icon to the right of that file, and choose “Download.”

  3. OPEN IN ACROBAT Once the PDF has been downloaded, open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your device, you can download it for free by clicking here or copying and pasting this URL: ***Please do not open the PDF and try to print it using your browser. For best results, open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader and print.

  4. KNOW THE CODE Review the "Pharmacy Chains Legend” below or click here to determine which pharmacy chain pages you need to print, for example, CV = CVS, RA = Rite Aid, etc. These codes are in the bottom left corner of the pricing flyers.

  5. PRINT A TEST COPY – Once you have opened the PDF flyer in Adobe Acrobat Reader, we recommend printing only ONE copy for the first time to ensure your flyer prints correctly and shows all of the information and images as you expect them.

  6. PRINT OR COPY ALL QUANTITIES NEEDED – When you have printed one copy and verified the printed page looks correct, go ahead and print or make copies of the flyer in the quantity needed for each of your pharmacy account chains.

Please reach out if you have any questions or problems along the way. Email Angela at or send a direct message through Telegram.

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