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Tips & Tricks

CharityRx reps are some of the best in the business. They're also some of the most generous in their desire to help other reps learn the business and get ahead in their territories. We’ve collected and curated the list below from suggestions from seasoned CharityRx reps and leadership so you can hit the ground running and make the most of the resources available to you.

Top Tips and Tricks

CharityRx vs. Competitor Rep Story by Stephen Carey

Today as I visited accounts, a rep from our competitor has been in and out of the same accounts. In a couple of places, I was behind her in line. After making my pitch in a CVS and a RiteAid, I asked both techs, who were tracking around 50 scripts, "Which card do you prefer and why?" Both responded CharityRx because of how easy and fast it is to use, the comparable prices, and the charities we donate to. Thirty minutes later, the same competitor's rep is behind me in line at another RiteAid. She listened while I made my pitch. Knowing she was there and seeing their card on the counter, I integrated it into my pitch by asking the tech how long it takes to get all those numbers and customer info entered. The tech responded, "About three minutes." Then I asked, "How long with the CharityRx card?" She responded with, "15 seconds." I then asked, "Why would you use the competitor's card?" She said, "We wouldn't and don't."

To make it worse for the competitor rep, I was delivering an XL Papa John's pizza to this account and thanked them for the 59 scripts they did with the CharityRx card. I turned to walk away, and the competitor's rep asked, "How am I supposed to follow that?" In my serious demeanor, I simply said, "If I were in your shoes, I wouldn't. You will lose. Good luck."

It's a great day at CharityRx here in Virginia today. The CharityRx card is the winning hand. Our job is to show pharmacies that fact. Some days go better than others, but just keep doing it. You will win in the end.

Trifecta Card or Triple Threat Card Pitch from David Beckley

Tips for New Reps from Angela McLay

Tips for New Reps from Patty Engel

Tips for New Reps from Dustin Arnold

Tips for New Reps from Timothy Katko

Revisit Inactive Accounts by Mary Tockstein

Holding Pharmacies Accountable by Joe Maxon

80/20 Rule from Patty Engel

Picture Album Idea from Carolyn Johnson

After our Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic in February 2023, I put small photo albums together to pass out with all the goodies I take to my accounts. The techs don't alw

ays have time to listen, but these stories capture their attention and hearts. They can look later and enjoy a couple of pieces of candy during a breather and associate a warm feeling with the PURPLE card. If they do have time to chat, I have shared a couple of the Dominican kids’ stories with their photos, especially about their hunger for love. The techs love it! I ordered five albums off Amazon for about $7 and cut them into two, making two albums with 14 pics. I printed paper photos very inexpensively as I’m part of the HP ink program. I also carry my own album and have had a few visits where the tech had time and looked at every pic showing what our company does for their people and the good for those in need.

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