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  • So, what will I be doing for the job?"
    Great question! Glad you asked! ;) You will be visiting assigned accounts in the healthcare industry to build and maintain strong relationships with staff by educating them on the benefits of offering their patients discounts on their prescriptions through short and simple conversations.
  • Is this a "sales" job?"
    Nope. You aren’t selling anything! It’s a relationship-building job that encourages accounts to help make a positive impact on their patients, their community, and to charities in need, by using the CharityRx Prescription Discount Card. That's it. No uncomfortable requests to buy something. Just spreading awareness of the goodness CharityRx does for pharmacies, communities, individuals, and charities.
  • How do I make money if I am not selling anything?
    CharityRx has partnered with key organizations in the healthcare industry, to allow access to prescription drugs at a discounted price. We are then able to offer the prescription drug to a patient who uses our card, at a slightly higher price than what we paid for the drug; but for a significantly lower price than what they may pay the pharmacuetical manufacturer or their insurance company for the same drug. (Think of it like a wholesale company who buys items in bulk at lower prices than retail, and then offers you the same item for a lower price than what you would pay if you were to buy it direct from a retailer.) We calculate an increase in our drug pricing to compensate you, our Account Manager (or CharityRx Rep), as well as to provide a profit for the CharityRx corporation. We then also donate a portion of all of our profits to a charity.
  • Do I need any prior experience to qualify for the job?
    None at all. You just need to have a positive attitude, good verbal communication skills, a reliable vehicle to visit your accounts in, and a smartphone to access our state-of-the-art software.
  • What is "residual income" and why should I care about it?"
    Residual income is income that you will continue to receive after the completion of your "income-producing work". What this means is that you have the opportunity to create an income that makes money while you sleep. Here is how it works: You encourage your accounts to use your CharityRx card on their patients prescriptions. Once they do, you receive a commission for the 1 time use of your card, for that 1 patient, on their 1 prescription. After the account has used your card on that 1 patient, every time that 1 patient comes back to refill their prescription, you will receive another commission. Meaning, that you only did the work to have your card used 1 time, but you will recieve a commission month after month just from the work you did for the initial use of the card. Now imagine that the accounts use your CharityRx card on hundreds of their patients, for multiple prescription drugs. And these patients come back to that account to refill their prescriptions every month. Once a patient is linked to your CharityRx card, it will automatically be used to purchase their future refills and it will ALSO be used to purchase future prescriptions throughout their life. You did the work once, but you continue to receive a commission every time that patient comes back for a prescription, creating a residual income for you.
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