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Charity of the Month
Donation for December 2023

Our donation will look a little different this December, and each of you will have the opportunity to be involved in giving this month!

We will divide everyone who wants to participate into 12 teams so we can spread joy and hope from coast to coast this holiday season.

Light the Map.png
How to Get Involved

Participating may warm your heart so much that you might have a hard time being a Grinch this year. Just FYI, in case that was your plan.

P.S. Nobody likes a Grinch!

Giving Calendar

Thank you for signing up to join us!

The calendar below is a guideline for our event. We would prefer that you follow your team and Giving Day, but if your recipient has a different deadline, feel free to make your donation when you need to and post about your experience on Telegram.

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