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Design Request Form

This form is to be filled out by Clients of The CRx Group.

Use this form to request a customized Sales Deck (for pitching the prescription discount program to a new Organization), or to request any other customized designs for Marketing Materials (Rx Cards, Flyers, Posters, Etc.) for yourself and/or your Agents.

Design Request Form



Organization's Address: 

If available, attach LOGO here. Please try to attach a large, high quality version of the logo. 

Upload Logo (Version 1)
Upload Logo (Version 2)

ORGANIZATION CONTACT PERSON: (The CRx Group will keep this info on file, but the Client is responsible for all communications and approvals from their Organization Contact.)


Digital Files  (Printer and Screen Ready)

  • CharityRx will provide the following Custom Designs & Digital Files for free.

  • You will be given instructions and a link to order prints. 

Would you like a custom designed Sales Deck with the Organization's name, logo, and colors?

Click to view and download our generic sales deck.

Arrow _edited.png
Would you like a custom designed Rx Card?

Review and choose an option below for the Rx Card Design:

Option 1:

Organization's brand with "Powered by CharityRx"  

The card will be branded with the org's logo and colors with the words "Powered by" and the CharityRx logo. 

Option 1.jpg

Option 2:

Organization's brand 100%,

no CharityRx

The card will be branded with ONLY the org's colors and logo with no reference to CharityRx.

Option 2.png

Option 3:

CharityRx brand, but with their unique code/s

The card will be the standard CharityRx card (purple with little girl), but with the org's unique group code/s.

Design Request Form -Option 3.jpeg
Would you like a custom designed Flyer?
Would you like a custom designed Poster?
Would you like any other custom designed materials (not previously included on this form)?
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